DIY Ad Academy Unit Outline

  • Course 1 – Lay Your Foundation

    You’re now a DIY AD FREAK, welcome to class! In this first course, we will focus on giving you a solid starting point into advertising for yourself. You’ll learn the terminology, the importance of company branding, names and slogans, and finding your niche. We’ll focus on building your company’s mission and writing your story, what are the necessary accounts, as well as some do’s and don’ts of the advertising world. Creating a user-friendly experience is vital, and marketing doesn’t have to be hard. The sooner you understand the foundation, the better marketer you’ll be.
  • Course Structure

    Course Structure

    • Learning the Language
    • It’s time to invest in CRM
    • Determining Your Mission
    • What’s in a Name?
    • Finding Your Niche
    • What’s Your Slogan?
    • Branding; Colors & Logo
    • Why Be in Business?
    • Determine Your Services
    • Be A Storyteller
    • Be Different, Not Better
    • Be Responsive, Sell More
    • You are a Media Company First
    • Brand Yourself to Millions Fast
    • Why Self-Awareness is Important
  • Course 2 – Get Yourself Out There

    Now it’s time to overcome your fears, to be a brave spokesperson for your company. In this course, you’ll learn how to use your differences to your advantage and how to present yourself to the world through social media. By throwing yourself out there online, as well as bravely getting on camera, will really take your business to the next level.
  • Course Structure

    Course Structure

    • Must Have Accounts
    • The Art of Photography for Business
    • Fill it Out
    • Setting Up Facebook
    • Setting Up Youtube
    • Do You Need Twitter?
    • Overcoming Your Fear of Cameras
    • Pricing – Don’t Sell Yourself Short
    • Throw Yourself Out There, Online
    • Why You Must Start with Vehicle Wraps
    • Setting up Your Camera
    • How to get Online Reviews Fast
  • Course 3 – Polish Your Presence

    Now you’re everywhere, having established your online presence, it’s now time to polish it. Let’s cover your posting schedule, how to become loved by your customers, and generate sales. Development of your online profiles will be our focus, to make your online presence better than ever.
  • Course Structure

    Course Structure

    • Perfect Your Profiles
    • Custom Tailoring Video
    • Storytelling on Facebook
    • Must You Be BBB Accredited?
    • What Online Platforms to Join According to Local Market?
    • Oddly True About Websites; Can You DIY?
    • Making Pictures for Online Profiles
    • Free vs Paid Platforms
    • Do Online Listings Work?
    • Killer Post Ideas
  • Course 4 – Sell Yourself Well

    This is where the true fun begins, and where you begin experimenting with online ads, offers, coupons and how to reach your customers. Learn what works and what doesn’t, how to create a Click Funnel and to get your phone to ring. This is where business owners usually get most excited, however the previous course foundations must be completed before this course can be successful for you. See real life examples of other businesses that are killing it in their market, and gain knowledge of how to do the same.
  • Course Structure

    Course Structure

    • Free Advertising Works; Craigslist
    • Basics of ClickFunnels
    • Creating Online Offers
    • Creating Facebook Ads
    • Creating Mailers
    • Can You Sell Your Service On Your Website?
    • Selling on Angie’s List
    • Groupon
    • What to Blog about
    • Why you Need to Blog
    • Get in the News!!!
  • Course 5 – What Not To Do

    Your return on investment is the number one priority, so become aware of services that are trying to rip you off. It’s important to know what to DIY and what to outsource, and where to budget your time and money.
  • Course Structure

    Course Structure

    • Spotting an SEO Scam Artist
    • Saying NO to the Experts
    • Is Yellow Pages Dead?
    • DIY vs Hiring a Marketing Agency
    • The Problem with DIY Websites
    • Ten Problems with HomeAdvisor
    • Lead Generation Companies That DON’T Work
    • Costs to Expect
    • Views and likes suck
    • Do not ask for likes